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Assigning custom worker creation table (with additional services)

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I'm new with PlantSim and SimTalk (using v 13 educational 30-day trial) and struggeling to simulate different scenarios for the worker pool.



I want to test two scenarios for workload and idle times: a) with 8 workers and b) with 9 workers. In each case, each worker is responsible for a set of machine (which differs between the cases), while one is a floater who can work anywhere.


What I've tried:


- In order to assign only one worker to a set of stations, I've defined one additional service for each station and an alternative 'floater service' for all of them


- Manually entering workers and services via the WorkerPool Creation table. Problem: I can add new lines, but not new colums - they seem to be limited to 4 (not counting the ones already labeled by PlantSim). Is that due to using a trial license? -> Just found out it's necessary to save & close both the table and worker pool and reopen them, new colums will be created automatically. Clicking 'apply' isn't enough...


- Creating two table objects with the specifications, then using an init-Method and setCreationTable to assign one to the worker pool, but directly referring to a table doesn't work.


Is there a way to assign custom worker tables directly (either via a general init or the experiment manager) to the WorkerPool or would that require to loop through every argument?


Thanks in advance for your help!






Re: Assigning custom worker creation table (with additional services)

look into this example (Small Example collection) in Plant Simulation:


Steffen Bangsow
freelance simulation specialist  

Re: Assigning custom worker creation table (with additional services)

Hi Steffen,


thanks for your answer. I have looked into the example and managed to adjust the experiment (adding the same worker type in the table, assigning him a higher efficiency and creating some sample cases with different worker numbers). Crucial was finding the "Extras-More Options-Use Configuration Method" - I had been trying to solve setting the table via dragging an init-Method into the model, which didn't work.


But when trying to recreate the example, it's still not working. Could you give me a hint on what's missing?



Accepted by topic author Peritectic
‎10-15-2016 06:31 AM

Re: Assigning custom worker creation table (with additional services)

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Hi Peritectic,


the Experimentmanager needs a terminating simulation.

If you insert an end time into the Eventcontroller then you can start the experiment study.




Re: Assigning custom worker creation table (with additional services)

Hi Peter,


Thank you very much, now it's finally working! Smiley Happy