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Average of Chart Input

Hi there.


This is my first post so I apologize if I do something I should not.


I just started working with Tecnomatix Student version and I was wondering if it is possible to create an average of the Resource information displayed in a chart of 3 different Stations (Single Proc).


I attached an image of the chart displaying the info of 3 different stations: M1, M2 and M3.

My final goal is to get an average of the 3 values and just display 1 column.


Would help me to figure this one out?


Thanks a lot in advance.








Betreff: Average of Chart Input

Hello AlvaresFlores,


just double click the chart to open its dialog. There you will find the button 'TableFile' on tab 'Data'.

Press the button to see a table with the values which will be displayed.

Here you can enter 'M1.statWorkingPortion+M2.statWorkingPortion+M3.statWorkingPortion/3' to get the average value.


Hope this will help.







Betreff: Average of Chart Input

Thanks a lot Smiley Happy


I do still have one question. Is it possible to do it with cell coordinates. For example instead of 'M1.statWorkingPortion+M2.statWorkingPortion+M3.statWorkingPortion/3' I can use (1,2)+(1,3)+(1,4)/3