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Behavoiur of PlantSimulation in case of "out of memory"


In the case, Plant Simulation is exceeding the memory limits of the underlying IT-system, it (tries to) save the current state in a local file (C:\Users\{account}\AppData\Local\Temp\Tecnomatix Plant Simulation.{Account}).

This raises the following questions:
1.) How to use the saved file due to the fact that there is no .spp extension
2.) Would it be possible to check, if a file of the particular name already exists and therefore it is not overwritten by adding a unique digit at the end?


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Re: Behavoiur of PlantSimulation in case of "out of memory"

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom
Hi Markus,
when you start Plant Simulation and there was a model saved because of a crash Plant Simulation should ask you if you want to load this model.
To load the model you can Drag&Drop it into the UI of Plant Simulation, you can Drag&Drop it on a shortcut which starts Plant Simulation or you can explicitly select the file in the open file browser (Just set the type selection to "All Files").
Since Plant Simulation detects a crashed model on startup and offers to load it, it usually cannot happen that the file is overwritten.
Only when Plant Simulation crashes while loading the file. But nothing can be done anyway.
Best Regards,

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