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Bottle Mass Conveyor - Bottling Line model


Hello guys,

This time I'm trying to model a bottle mass conveyor for the water bottling line model I'm developing. I'm posting this message because I don't know how to model this conveyor accurately (the bottle accumulation is done backwards and in multiple rows).


I can't find an easy way to explain the behavior of this conveyor, so I will try to describe it, and detailed the normal operation of it.


The conveyor is constructed using single row (blue) and multiple row (green) flat top chains as shown on pictures below.



In points 1 to 6, bottle move to the parallel side conveyor due to the arrangement shown in next picture:


Conveyor pic.jpg


The challenge, is to accurately model the multiple row accumulation.


Immediately after the single line conveyor, bottles will follow the black rail guide on the left side. 


When the line is not loaded, the bottles will follow a single line distribution to the entrance of the packer.




Unless there is a 3 or 4 bottle row before the shrink-packer, the entrance of this machine will be blocked (the way to control this is by a pressure sensor located close to the packer entrance, and whole system is controlled by the main conveyor PLC which also manage conveyor speed to reduce bottle gap and avoid production losses).


On the wider segments of the conveyor, the pressure between bottles decreases. In this way, once the line is loaded, the bottles will adopt a 2 or 3 row arrangement on transition 1 after the single line conveyor.



A similar distribution will occur in the following transitions:




I also found some YouTube videos that show what happen in real life bottling lines: - (please check 5:00 - 5:15)


How may I model the conveyors to obtain the real life system behavior?

I try to use parallel transports but the model doesn't represent what will happen in the actual bottling line.


According to the analysis I made and the bottling industry production standards, the minimum length of this conveyor should be 45 m and the maximum must be 70 m. This range provides an accumulation from 01:30 up to 03:00 minutes.


Please find attached the model currently developed. The model is working with 600 cc bottles of 80 mm diameter, but the line will carry also 2 liters bottle with 100 mm diameter.

Please do not consider TwoLane tracks circuits as this is still a work in progress.


Thanks in advance for you kind support.





Re: Bottle Mass Conveyor - Bottling Line model

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Here I have used an observer for collided in the MUs to trigger lateral movements. Look also in the exit-controls of the lines.


The problem is, you trigger a bunch of programming, so the simulation speed will degrease. For the "big picture" it is better to encapsulate the buffer (e.g. with the buffer) and avoid animation, where possible.

Steffen Bangsow
freelance simulation specialist