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Broker (Importer request control)


Hi All,


Please let me know regarding the broker Importer request control


I have

---source with workplace (W1),


---workerpool (2 workers)

---singleproc with workplace (W2).


whenever a part is created by the source the entry method of the source assigned it MU target to  singleproce, so the worker takes the part to singleproc but worker does only when the singleproc is empty and workplace near singleproc is empty,


the logic for finding whether the singleproc and its workplace is empty is being kept at broker Importer request control.

Query: when does broker Importer request control is invoke or called. either when source assigns its MU Target (dialogbox of source-> exit -> carry part away option) as singleproc or whenever the singleproc is empty.


Please let me know 





Re: Broker (Importer request control)

Solution Partner Phenom Solution Partner Phenom
Solution Partner Phenom

The Importer request control is called whenever a service is requested by an object and when one of the registered Exporters/Workers becomes available again.For the Carry part away strategy, the service is requested when the MU is ready to exit the object.


If a request is not fulfilled, the Broker remembers this request.

Gert Nomden
Senior Consultant | Tecnomatix Product Manager