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Buffer -where do I need put buffer



Can some one suggest me where do I need put Buffer and how much Capacity for Buffers.

In source(Quelle) Tabelle = partA   250

                                partB  250

                                partE  300

In source(Quelle1) Tabelle1= partC  200          (pink line)

                                 partD  250                         (black line)

Now is ok , utilization of machine is ok,output is ok too, but I want to put Buffers and than with 

ExperimentManager tool find what is the best amounts of capacity for Buffers 

buffer explain.jpg


Best Regards,


Andreas Domuz


Re: Buffer -where do I need put buffer

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Considering the buffer has no or a very high price the answer would be a different one for sure. As well as the price, many other parameter (WIP, due time, process limits like temperature or age) do influence such a decision.


Keeping all this out of scope, the most simple way would be to place a buffer at any meaningful position in your lines (between each Single- or ParallelProc) and to setup an ExperimentManager modifying each buffers capacity in two (min, max) or three steps (min, mid, max) first. If throughput is your main goal, just pick the winning configuration. The number of steps and the number of to be considered result values (instead of soleily throughput) would be a next iteration step.


Usually it´s a little bit more complicated, of course.


Always consider using the AttributeExplorer!