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COM-interface with C++




Has anyone ever used the COM-interface in a C++ program before? I have searched in the Forum but I could not find anything concerning the use of the COM-interface with the C++ language in particular.  The Help and About guide in Plant Simulation gives some directives but there isn't much detail with regard to the use of the interface when using a C++ program (for example what type library must I add to my C++ program to define the Plant Simulation COM object etc). There seem to be much more help for VBA on the other hand.


I desire to access and manipulate (e.g. start/reset the EventController) my Plant Simulation models  from my C++ program written in MS Visual Studio. I know that it is possible to do so with the C-interface but for this particular purpose in my program I need the COM-interface. The version of PS I am using is 13.0.


Any hint or guidance would certainly help a lot.


Thanks in advance


Betreff: COM-interface with C++


I haven't got a c++ example for calling a com object, but this should be standard.


@ type library :


For v13, have a look at:


C:\Program Files\Siemens\Tecnomatix Plant Simulation 13\PlantSimCore.dll