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Capacity analysis

Hi Sim Superusers,


I am trying to do a capacity analysis of a plant, and I am seeing throughput per station goes down as I add more station to the model. I tried different settings and I still see this happening.


Please share your thoughts on how to utilize the total capacity of a station, or in other words, how to make most of parts through a station, no matter if extra stations are added. 


In the attached model, this can be seen, two station vs three station. 


Thank you!


Re: Capacity analysis


Have a look at the setup statistic.


The more stations you add the liklier it is that


a station gets a new part.


Therfore you have more setups per station.


and the performance per station drops.








Re: Capacity analysis

Thank you! But how do I setup the model in such a way that, the first station is fully utilized no matter what, and then the extra capacity goes to 2nd station and so on. Setup statistics is going to distribute the setup time based on what we select, if I am right. I have tried different exit strategies from source to all station, but no change. 


Please share your thoughts, may be with some exapmples, would be great!


Thnak you!



Re: Capacity analysis


The model/ source is already working that way ! ( s. exit -tab , exit strategy)


You need to reduce the setups/station through creating batches with same parts for each station.


A very simple example:


Lets say you have 3 different parts and 3 stations to produce.


You will have 3 setups for each part PER station.


If every station just produces 1 part type( batch)  you will only have 1 setup per station.


Now in reality it's a bit more complex to find the right batch sizes for maximum output as


the parts usually don't have the same production time.