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Car simulation


Hi Community, I have in mind a scenario but I'm still unsure about how to proceed.


In the attached image you can find a badly drawn image of the case I would like to try.

Starting from the lower left corner, there is a "railroad" where 1, 2  or 3 wagons/cars can go to pick up items from sources 1 to 5, and then deliver at the target, just to get back to the initial line.


The thing is that the sources could deliver 1 to 5 pieces (randomly) in a period of 10 minutes and the car has a capacity for 10 pieces only.
If the car 1 gets filled before reaching the last source (#5) It has to move tilt the end, then the next car goes to the point where the previous one got out of capacity, again if it is filled, has to move till the end of the line (just behind the first) and repeat with the third car.


Once all of the stations were "emptied", the cars go back near the entrance, to the storage and unload their capacity load and then go to the original position.


Can someone make an example with at least one car, and at least two or three stations  to pick up pieces from, to see how to connect transporters , containers and railroads?


Thanks a lot!


Re: Car simulation

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hello Jerogaro,

you want to model a tugger train, which loads all parts, which are available in a station.

Therefore you cannot use the Transferstation. You must prepare an own sensor control.

The station is models by the frame Source for the arrival of the part. I used a random arrival process because it better shows the reality. The attached model for Plant Simulation 12.0 contains two instances of application object Source.

Probably not all desired details have been realized.



Re: Car simulation

Peter, I have a question, The method on the frame that "hitches" the trains, is attached to some process?
Like when you attach a control to an "entrance control slot", or how does it know when it is going to execute its code?