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Card File Read and Compare

I am using a card file as a queue for mold changes on an IMM press.  I have the queue being populated by methods that monitor the inventory level of various stores.  I want the method that is adding the tools to the queue to check the queue and verify that the tool in question is not there before adding it.  Whenever I run the method that I've written I get an error (see picture of the method below).   


I appreciate any help I can get. 





Re: Card File Read and Compare

tool, tool1,tool2 are defined as string variables

What are you exactly programming with

.. if tool("LD_A") or tool1("LD_A") ....
if you want to compare the variable contents, the if statment could look something like this

if tool="LD_A" or tool1="LD_A" or tool2 ...

elseif tool /= "LD_A" and tool1 /="LD_A" and tool2 /="LD_A"

If I am not wrong, you can also use queue.find (..) to check if a certain tool is already in

the queue.

For details have a look in the help file.