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Changed-Value Control in OPC Classic Interface


I'm working with the OPC Classic Interface object.  For the Changed-Value Control, I want to enter the name of an method attribute.  The method is an attribute of a conveyor (line) object.


It seems Plant Simulation 14.1 does not allow this.  I am able to enter a name of method in the frame, but not if the method is an attribute of another object.  I tried using the absolute and relative paths to the method.


See the attached image.  EQ130110 is a conveyor object, with _StartStopMotor as a method attribute.


Has anyone else tried this?  I found nothing in the Help documentation that says it is not allowed.


Thank you.


Re: Changed-Value Control in OPC Classic Interface

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Siemens Phenom

You should be able to use Method objects, Variable objects, and user-defined method attributes.


To call a user-defined method attribute "abc" of the OPCClassic object you need to enter "". Plant Simulation will highlight the table cell in red, because the table column has the data type object, and an attribute is not an object. It should work anyway.

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Re: Changed-Value Control in OPC Classic Interface



I see now that Changed-Value Control column is of type object.


Although the cell is highlighted in red, the specified call-back method is being executed as intended.


Thank you for your reply.