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Collision control between AGV

Dear Experts,

How to make collision control in attached sample. There are 2 loops for Quad1 and Quad2.  Sometimes they must use the same unload station  and  use the same loop. To make collision unload station must be change for quad by drop down list.

Could you give some sample to similar simulation or describe efficient and easy solution for this Smiley Happy




Accepted by topic author Damian
‎03-13-2017 06:46 AM

Betreff: Collision control between AGV

Hello Damian,

first I'd like to point out that your huge AGV-icons were not to scale (they are 1m long, but the icon is 4.17m long) so any actual collisions cannot be determined easily and the vehicles don't stop with their icon-borders at the sensor-positions --> I would either scale your icon appropiately or use the vector-graphics, but that's just a sidenote.

Regarding your question: I am not sure how exactly your AGVs are supposed to move (your destinationctrl looks quite complicated), but if I assume that whenever Quad2 must go to IS1 it will always travel on the top-track (it does currently *not* when leaving!!!), I would put in 3 sensors at those 3 positions and a variable-counter.


Any quad arriving at those sensors and wanting to enter that area must wait until the counter is zero; upon entering you increment the counter by one, upon leaving you decrement it. In this way, there won't be 2 quads in the area that can collide. Since Quad1 will always enter/leave via points 1 or 2, and Quad2 always via point 3, this should work neatly.

I hope this helps, regards:

Alex Dilg, Consultant at SimPlan AG (
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Betreff: Collision control between AGV

Thank you Alex for answer and inspiration Smiley Happy