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Configuring Storage Crane - X-Dimension

Hallo All,


I`m trying to use the Storage Crane Library v12.0 for the first time. Unfortunately I do not even get past the configuration process.


Actually I want to model a portal robot. My MUs are small (Automotive KLT) and my storage position in the portal robot (=crane) are small too. When I`m trying to configure a number of storage positions in x-direction which would lead to a length per position lower 1 m I get the error code:


"Zu viele lagerplätze in x" (meaning too many storage positions in x).

In y-direction, this seems no problem.


Am I doing a mistake or is this a normal behaviour? If so, any suggestions?


BR Marco


Betreff: Configuring Storage Crane - X-Dimension

Hello MarcoDe,


which type of crane are you using? The StorageCrane or the MultiPortalCrane?


Could you please provide a model?




Betreff: Configuring Storage Crane - X-Dimension

Dear GG,


thanks for the quick reply. I`m tying to use the Storage crane.


I added my testmodel. Currently it is configured with 7 position in x-direction which makes ca. 1.114 mm per position. If you switch to 8 positions, it goes down to 975 mm per position and the model wont run anymore showing the same error code.


In reality I would have 14 positions in x.


In y direction this does not seem to be a problem.



Best Regards Marco

Betreff: Configuring Storage Crane - X-Dimension

Hello MarcoDe,


in the StorageCrane object, the length of a portal is fix defined as 1m. This is tested against the x dimension of one storage place and leaads to the error message.


In the attached spp file I modified the length of the portal to 0.5m which is good enough also for 14 places.


I run the model and it seems that everything is working well. But be careful, this is not a official version of the staorage crane. If you update your model, the length of the portal will be set to 1m again.


I updated your model to the latest version of the Crane library before I did the modifications.


For prospective projects we recommend using the MultiPortalCrane. In upcoming version 13.1  of Plant Simulation this crane will also support storing parts in a store object.


Hope this will help.