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Consumption of worker hours

Hey everyone,


The process I'm trying to model has a total number of hours per part then with each worker working on it subtracts 8 hours from that total. For example, if a part has 100 hours to be finished and one worker works on it all week (40 hours of work) it would be down to 60 hours left. Or if two workers worked on it all week (80 hours of work) it would have 20 hours left to completion. 


Is there a way where each worker can subtract 8 hours from the total processing time of the part while they are working on it?


Re: Consumption of worker hours


There are several things to do. I think you should set the processing time equal to the work content (one worker working on it). You then need a variable to track the remaining work content.

You can set alternative services, with different amounts of workers (alternative with most workers on top). When the workers are released, you can update the remaining work content, based on the time that has elapsed and the amount of workers.

Then there is the SimTalk command outIn(). This you can use to end the processing before the preset processing time has elapsed.

I have no ready-to-use example. But I was assuming you could try to pick it up from here in a tiny test model.

Good luck!

Gert Nomden
Senior Consultant | Tecnomatix Product Manager

Re: Consumption of worker hours

Hi Nomden, Thanks for the response. I've never used alternative services before so maybe you could help me through that. I've attached my preliminary model.

Re: Consumption of worker hours

Hi Nomden,

I actually think I've thought of a solution to do this and I'm going to test it out. I will post my findings when complete to see if you or anyone else knows a better way to do this and thoughts of the model.