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Container loaded on transporter although sensor control is not triggered


Dear community,


I am facing some problems with my current simulation of a warehouse model.

Basically the model shall simulate 6 types of containers entailing varying amounts of entities as they are assembled in the beginning of the model. In the further course these containers shall be loaded onto a forklift making its way from the warehouse to the shopfloor on a linked path. Therefore, I introduced 6 different loading stations with a sensor control on the exact same position of "TwoLaneTrack2" (see attachments). As they are loaded on the Forklift one by one, the containers shall then make there way to the corresponding shopfloor areas connected to by "TwoLaneTrack14/15/16", respectively. So far, I mainly handled the logic behind it by the labeling of the containers at the beginning of the model as well as exit controls on the respective Tracks; and this works perfectly fine. Yet the intended loading of the containers onto the forklift fails. The particular problem I am facing is better explained by the pictures I attached. Let me explain the sequence on behalf of them:


1_Initialize: Relevant section of the model.


2_Forklift: The containers are about to be loaded on the forklift handled by the SingleProc and forklift is initialized by Source


3_Separation: Forklift is transporting loaded container to correspondent track


4_Return: After unloading of the container the forklift is returning to the main track to pick up a new container (that is supposed to happen at the sensor control)


5_Undesired_Loading: However the next container to be loaded on the forklift is already loaded prematurely at this point.


6_Blocking_Bug: As the laden forklift now reaches the sensor control, it would stop as function "Always stop container" of all sensor controls is checked. However, an additional container cannot be loaded of course and this ultimately makes my simulation get stuck.


I already tried to reduce the amount of loading stations and put an additional control method (Loading) for the TransferStations but nothing would help. So I am a bit lost finding possible mistakes. 

That is, any advice leading to a possible solution is appreciated.


Thanks a lot in advance!





Betreff: Container loaded on transporter although sensor control is not triggered

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Siemens Phenom

Hello Timbo47,


can you please provide your model? Only with pictures its hard to find where your problem is.






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Betreff: Container loaded on transporter although sensor control is not triggered


Hello GG,


Thank you for the quick reply. I just thought it might be sufficient to provide some pictures as my model appeard to be a little messy. Used today to rework it, but still facing the exact same problem, which I just would not solve due to my limited knowledge in the software. So I hope you could help me out to make some progress or even solve the issue!

Therefore, please find the .spp file attached.


Thanks for the help in advance!