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Control Buffer Entrance

Hi everyone, 


I need your help on a Simtalk logic. In a methodW, which is control for BufferW, I want to check every MU that is in the bufferW and move them accordingly. With the logic I created now it only checks new MU that entered the bufferW, not the previous ones that are stored there.


I am also not sure if this method should be entrance or exit control.




MU.Order Attributes: (Duedate, Processdate and etc)

MethodW Smiley SadControl for BufferW)

BufferW: where orders are stored till they are picked up (capacity -1)

CountWOrder: variable which counts numMu in bufferW


Thanks in advance. 








Re: Control Buffer Entrance

how to scan the contents of a buffer was already posted in detail by Peter  (BufferW.ContentsList(ContList);....)((


Preferably  methodW should be triggered by bufferW.entranceControl.

bufferW exit should be locked in this case


Re: Control Buffer Entrance



I saw the reply after I posted it, sorry for inconvenience.