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Crash when writing "var a, b := 0" in 14.1


Hi !


Titles says it all. Try it yourself! Just input the following in a method in Plant Simulation 14.1 and press F7.


var a, b := 0

Sans titre.png



I had a model in 14.0 and wanted to switch it to 14.1. When opening the model, a crash message opened and the model was closed. Then from my 14.0 model, I exported every single one of my folders/objects separately and imported them one by one into a 14.1 model. This narrowed my search for the culprit down to one single method. Then I commented the whole method and uncommented parts after parts of the method to get to the real culprit here: a line with the synthax similar to "var a, b := 0". This sets a and b to 0 and works well in Plant Simulation 14 but leads to a big crash in 14.1. Kinda weird.

The crash message should have been at least be more explicit...


I did separate this into two lines (var a := 0; var b := 0) and it works but I think you can still fix this issue.


Have a good day !



Re: Crash when writing "var a, b := 0" in 14.1

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Siemens Phenom

This crash has already been fixed.

We plan to release the maintenance pack in mid-April.

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Re: Crash when writing "var a, b := 0" in 14.1


Thanks, I think I can wait until then Cat LOL