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Creating and vanishing mu's


Hi all,


I've been trying to create a model that simulates a kanban system. The trigger for this system is a source called "Kanbankaart", which is needed for "Assembly1" to send the goods. The Mu *.MUs.Kanban is the trigger of the whole process. What I would like to do is enable the creation and vanishing of MU's to be able to, during a run, change (higher or lower) the amount of *.MUs.Kanban 's.


I'm using the dropdownlist "Aantal_kanban_Kaarten" to choose the amount of *.MUs.Kanban, however I cannot get this working the way I would like.


The issues:

1) I tried to show the amount of *.MUs.Kanban in the model by counting the amount of MU's on the locations where the *.MUs.Kanban passes, however the MU .MUs.Palletproduct enters "Assembly1" before the MU *.MUs.Kanban. I would like that the .Palletproduct waits for the .Kanban.

2) To show this amount I have a method "Kanban_teller", however this does not run continuously (I don't know how to program this)

3) If the selected amount in the dropdownlist is more than the amount in the process (counted by "Kanban_teller" the "Retour_kanban" should send the difference (selected-in process) out to "Drain_overschot" (triggered by the method behind the dropdownlist?)


I hope you guys can help me out Smiley Happy


Best regards,




Re: Creating and vanishing mu's

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor
1+2. you can read the number of kanban cards with:
- .MUs.Kanban.numChildren

3. I guess you need to handle two cases:
- the number is greater than the amount of kanban cards, you create with the source --> increase the number (change the attribute kanbankaart.number )
- the number is lower than .MUs.Kanban.numChildren --> move to Drain_overshot instead of Retour_kanban (in Method: Method_unloading_back)
Steffen Bangsow
freelance simulation specialist