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CrossSlidingCar 2 cars on one system

Hello, Plant community Smiley Happy


I have been working on one problem and was using CrossSlidingCar, but in real system there are 2 Cars on one rail (and they cannot collide between each others - obvious Smiley Happy )

Now I put one CrossSlidingCar and then one more CrossSlidingCar on top of that. And they go trough each others. Do any of you know how to build a logic that they do not collide or how to put 2 cars on one rail?


thanks and regards


Re: CrossSlidingCar 2 cars on one system

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Hi HugoZupan,

the library CrossSlidingCar does not support multiple vehicles. But there is a Crane library for multiple cranes on a single rail. This example shows a way to realize such a control. Please look at the Example Collection, which can be opened via the

Start Page: Example Models > Small Examples > Category: Continuous material flow > Topic: Portal crane > Crane with 2 Portals.




Re: CrossSlidingCar 2 cars on one system


I had the same problem.
If you are handy with simtalk I suggest to create by yourself the object you need using distance and collision control.

Re: CrossSlidingCar 2 cars on one system

The attribute TargetPosition of the Transporter will also help you.