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Custome resource statistics restricted to one process

Dear Community,


if i have several industrial processes in line , e.g. machining, milling, polishing, ecc., and i select the singleproc from machining to get the resource statistics the waiting time will be affected by the simulation total time because when the singleproc in the machining process has finished its work the time of simulation continues.

In fact i want the working time when the single process, machining, is working and not the whole industry processes.

is it possibile to get a custom resource statistics restricted to a single process?



Re: Custome resource statistics restricted to one process

to get the standalone performance ( w/o blocking /starving etc.) influences,

one normally isolates the production area of interest.

This is easy and costs minimal effort in Plant simulation as you can build a class production area and inherit

it once as standalone to check the standalone performance

and once to implement in the main production line.

Changes are only made in the class line.