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Datetime export


Hi everyone!


I have a table and I am using a column as string to input some datetimes values (I'm not using datetime  fomrat becouse the table I use to input uses "/" not ".")



But when i try to export this table to excel using the command "selectfileforsave" I dont know why but the excel is change values dd/mm/aaaa to mm/dd/aaaa (If check format is right dd/mm)




The model setting im using is right.


Excel is the same as plant:



By the configuration we can see that when I export dd/mm excel keep dd/mm but the values changes position dd/mm to mm/dd (but format dd/mm)







Betreff: Datetime export

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the Excel settings are only display/format settings and I think they do not matter when exporting data to Excel. If Plant Simulation uses the format with "." and your column is of type "string" with "/", then I don't know how/why Plant should be able to correctly export this as datetime. If you format the Excel column as "Text" before exporting the table, you will have the data exactly as in Plant Simulation (but it's no datetime then).

What I don't understand is why you don't use a "datetime" column in PlantSimulation, which is correctly exported to Excel. Also why do you use different datetime formats in PlantSimulation and Excel?

Best regards,

Alex Dilg, Consultant at SimPlan AG (
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Betreff: Datetime export


Hi Alex,


Actually I'm exporting from a software a big excel file (date time "/") then i'm using plant to do some filters and to separate 1 report in 5. Then i exports this 5 tables to a new excel file (here is the problem).


Maybe i should try to convert in the begining the string to date time in the correct form from plant. I will try it