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Detect Collision or fouling of MU in Tecnomatix Plant Sim


Hello everyone,


I just want to ask whether tecnomatix Plant Sim has the capability to detect fouling of MU while moving on the conveyor.


What I mean is : suppose we have conveyor of "U" shape having width of 5 ft and radius of say 5ft and  a MU with dimension  as  Length : 10 ft and width say 200 ft ( hypothetical value). Then Whether Plant sim Promts that " It is not possible to make turn MU with current MU dimensions" or the radius of the conveyor is short ".


In the attached model I have built conveyor and MU according to the above specification and I have observed that the MU is moving . So is there any thing I need to do by which the Software would tell me that "the turning MU with given dimension is not possible"



Gopal Sharma


Re: Detect Collision or fouling of MU in Tecnomatix Plant Sim

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Solution Partner Phenom

Hi Gopal,


It seems you are looking for a collision detection function. Plant Simulation does this only for 1-dimensional case (i.e. the bump-event). For your case you would have to write your own code, which would be an interesting project!


By the way, there are plenty method for collision detection available. Just search on Wikipedia and you will find some good references there.



Gert Nomden

Gert Nomden
Digital Factory Consultant