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DismantleStation as Injection Mould -- "Tool Change"?

In a small frame, I have a source that produces material which transfers to a DismantleStation. The DismantleStation acts as an injection mould press where the material is broken into four parts; two left hand and two right hand of a particular part style. Once a certain number of sets are produced, the tool is to be changed to produce another part style (all tools are 2x2).


Using SimTalk, how can I modify the DismantleStation's dismantle table to produce a different set of MUs? This method would probably be executed once a counter variable hits a set number.



Accepted by topic author vmorr
‎01-09-2017 10:06 AM

Re: DismantleStation as Injection Mould -- "Tool Change"?

Look in the HELP for "DismantleList". There is an example for the code to use.

You would write it into the pull control or entrance control before actions, so it will be executed before the next type of MU enters the dismantle station. There you can check if the type of arriving MU changes - or have a counter there that triggers the change.


Re: DismantleStation as Injection Mould -- "Tool Change"?

Thanks! Missed this in the help. I made use of a few counter variables to initiate the tool changes.