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Dropdown list in Dialog


Hello dear community,


I need your valued help on this matter.


My model is a production line that can produce 1 or 2 types of products. I have two separate versions of my model: one of them produce just one type and the other produces both simultaneously.


Each type of product needs different steps and does not enter in all the machines. For that, I have wrote controlling methods in the exit of the conveyor belts that indicate if the product should enter the machine or not. Besides, the controlling strategy (wrote in the methods) changes between versions.


Now I am trying to but both versions together with the help of a dropdownlist in a dialog that able the user to choose whether the model simulate 1 or 2 types.


I have wrote the following code in the "apply" function of the dialog (attached) but it comes an error in the control method inside de conveyor belt (named F77). Apparently `@´ (which in my method refers to the product) is now calling the dialog.


Then, I tried to replace `@´ for the name of the loading aid and the error says I cannot ude the funtion `move` (umlagern in german), that is is not available.


Thank you in advance!


Re: Dropdown list in Dialog




.modelle.netzwerk.f77.aust:= .modelle.methoden.f77


you are calling not referencing the method f77 to set as exit control


try .... := &.modelle.methoden.f77 to  reference method(s)




What are F19.asuST / f21.asuST  / F191.asuST ... ?


@ png 4


This refers to another issue


In your method you are referencing the class objects ( absolute path !)


Exchanging the .bes.förderhilfsmittel by @ ( MU on the method calling object) will


probably correct this issue.


Re: Dropdown list in Dialog


Thank you simulator for your quick response. I tried := &.modelle.methoden.f77 but it appears a syntax error (image attached).


F19, F21,F191 ... they are all conveyor belts where I want to reference the methods as the exit controls.


Thank you!


Wait.. that was my mistake I am usign Syntax 1 so & will be `ref`´ in my case. Let me tried that.


Re: Dropdown list in Dialog


sorry , my fault, you are using simtalk 1 not simtalk 2


Therefore use  ... := ref(.modelle.methoden.f77); not &


@ F19, F21,F191 .. I ment F19.asuST what is asuST ?  


shouldn't it be ausST ?

Re: Dropdown list in Dialog


It worked perfectly! Thank you so much!