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Editing HTMLreport



I have several questions about the HTMLreport:

1.Is it possible to edit the report , using all the html tags and css styling? (I used href and it's working but other things didn't ..)

2. If I want to add hyperlink to open a dialogbox , what am I doing wrong?:

that's the path:


and that's the code I used - IT'S NOT WORKING:

<a style="color:blue;text-decoration:underline;" href="" target="_self"> DIALOG BOX LINK</a>

just want to add that if I use : 

<a style="color:blue;text-decoration:underline;" href="opendialog:.Models.Frame.simdata.ShowDial" target="_self">תיבת בחירת המאפיינים - DIALOG</a>

I get this method, which seems to be what I need (but I don't want to see the method, I want it to run :

--call by dialog callback

Any help would be much appreciatedSmiley Happy



Re: Editing HTMLreport




To me this looks to be wrong, you are telling Plant Sim to open the dialog for .Models.Frame.SimData.Dialog.OpenDialog.Open while if you wish to open the dialog itself then it should be:




So here it will open the dialog for the dialog object.



As for if it is possible to include stuff like css, you got to be more careful with doing so, remember that css renders top down so the lowest css statment will take priority and will replace anything above it, using this it is possible to restyle the whole report by including your own css at the bottom of the report, but I will warn you now to save you many hours of debugging, if you include it on multiple lines then Plant Sim will render it differently and it will not work, so you MUST condense the css to be on a single line for it to work correctly.


You can open the html for a saved report to get the original css and use this as a template for anything new that you wish to change, as long as the names and attributes line up and your css is at the bottom of the report then yours will take priority and should change the existing css.


If you wish to change the css to something totally new, then you can look towards generating your own html instead, from here you can save it to a file to view or through the web server (using -WebServer as a startup parameter if your using Plant Sim 14.0 or higher) then you can serve the file yourself without needing to save it. In the past I have done methods like 'html_getCSS' which will return the css so from any page that I am making I can use the exact same css and only need to edit it in 1 location as opposed to every method (when serving yourself, you will display a method, the method must return a valid html to be displayed).


Hope this is of some help, if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.



Betreff: Editing HTMLreport

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Dear Dana,


The Plant Simulation specific URL scheme "opendialog:" is "only" usefull to open the property dialogs or MDI child windows of objects.


So, referencing a method like this …

<a href="opendialog:.Models.Frame.Method>Open Method</a>

… will open the method editor.


But you always can introduce open controls to change the default behavior on open the objects dialogs!


If you assign an open control to a dialog object like this …


… than an URL like this …

<a href="opendialog:.Models.Frame.DialogWithOpenControl">Open the configured dialog</a>

… will not open the configuration dialog, but the configured dialog!



If it is about styling, than James is right! Please be careful, since overriding styles brought from Plant Simulation itself not only influence the styling, but even the functionality of the report, since CSS not only influences the look, but the feel, the visibility of information, too!


Best regards

Martin Lemburg

Siemens PLM Software
Digital Industry Division
Product Lifecycle Management
Manufacturing Engineering Software / R&D / Plant Simulation
Siemens Industry Software GmbH, Berlin / Germany

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