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Enable dialog item



When you create a an EditTextBox in a dialog there is a checkbox called Enable,if you select it, the item is activated and when you clear it, the item is now deactivate and not available to the user.


Is there any function or way to chage this checkbox using Simtalk, from the callback method of the dialog?


I tried to use a function called setSensitive but it doesnt work properly, at first looks like not available but if you put the mouse on the EditTextBox, you can change the item anyway...


i know from another post that it is possible to change the type of the text in the EditTextBox like this:


Dialog.setEditType("NameEditBox", 4);

 I also have a second question about dialogs, i know that using the function createEditTextBox you can create the item in the dialog but Is there a function to delete items in the dialog?


Thank you  


Betreff: Enable dialog item

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Hello Nuria,

when working with the dialog object, you should enable all dialog elements you want to use.

When the dialog is open you can use the function setSensitive to activate/deactivate a dialog element. Keep in mind you have to deactivate the static text and the input field separately.


A single dialog element cannot be delete. You only can delete the all dialog elements.


Look at the dialog of Plant Simulation objects: all dialog elements are visible, but not all dialog elements are set sensitive. This sometimes may depend on any other setting.


Hope this helps




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Betreff: Enable dialog item



I had an Inheritance problem with my dialog thats why SetSensitive wasnt working properly. 


Thank you so much for the fast reply!!!