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Encounter problem when build Samples in V11


Hi My friend. i have some questions when i start to build the "Basic Object Assmebly" example which provided in V11. please help.

  • when i run the demo, the animation will show different color of plate and Legs. but i did not see any picture type resource defined in the frame. but see there is currIcon attribute define in the source table. can educate me how did the plant simuation generate the animation?  
  • Picture1.png
  • when i start to run the model i build. it give me following error. do you know what is the reason? Picture2.png
  • i know in the source table we defined the plate type A and B, and Leg type A and B.  how did the plant simulation know only attch the Type A leg to Type A plate and Type B leg only to Type B plate?  

thanks so much!   


Re: Encounter problem when build Samples in V11

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hello Kyle Wang,


Your first picture shows the table of a Source object. The Source generates instances of the MU .Models.assembly.MUs.plate. Furthermore the Source sets the name of the MU instance and also the attribute CurrIcon. About the feature Attribute table of the Source object please look at the index “Attibute table” in the manual.

The MU class .Models.assembly.MUs.plate has two icons with the names “Part_A” and “Part_B” (and no icon with name “Operational” and “Waiting”). Please read the manual about the Icon Editor.


Your second picture shows a problem of the Assembly object. The Assembly Mode is “Attach MUs", that is, the Assembly puts a certain numbers of MUs onto a Container object. If the capacity of the Container is too small, the Plant Simulation 11 shows the message:


'.Models.Frame.Assembly': Load capacity of main MU is not sufficient.
Do you want to stop the simulation?


This is a strong modeling error and therefore the simulation should be stopped.


To model a solution to the last question, you must change the Assembly table.

Please go to the Example collection in the Start Page:
Category Information Flow > Topic Controls > Example Set assembly list.