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Error assembly with workers


Good morning, I'm triying to simulate a worker which take some materials a buffer and then carry them to an assembly station but when he arrives I obtain an error.


error assembly.png


How can I do it in order to the worker leave the materials in the assembly station and make the assembly?


Thank you



Re: Error assembly with workers

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Siemens Genius


I tried your model with version 12.2 and it works with slight adjustments.
Apparantly in version 12.0, MUs can't be delivered to an assembly station directly. Instead, you need to use e.g. a buffer and a connector, to get the MU to the assembly station.
Attached you will find a modified version. Here I use entrancebuffer as the entrance and have added an additional workplace for the assembly station to carry the part away.

Additionally, I have added an Entrance control to the entrancebuffer to close it's entrance. The exitcontrol rear of the assembly opens the entrancebuffer's entrance again. Init ensures, that the entrance of the entrancebuffer is open at the beginning of the simulation.

This way the worker won't carry any parts to the entrancebuffer/assembly until the assembly process is done and thus the buffer won't influence the model behaviour.


I don't understand what are you trying to achieve with the method in the root frame?

Because if this,In the model, I have added the "StandardService" to services of the worker.

Re: Error assembly with workers


1. this is a defined behaviour and no error !


2. workaround :  add a 2. station (and connect it to the assembly station)  where the operator can dump the 2nd part to be assembled.

Re: Error assembly with workers


Thank you tim, but i have a question Why do you close and open the entrance to the buffer?

The method I was using was for change the labour of the worker first go to the buffer and then change his activity and go to the assembly to make the assembly but it didn't work because the worker when leaves the material in the buffer goes to the assembly station but doesn't make the assembly. Do you know why?