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Example Model Performance: Factory 51

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Is anyone able to run the Factory 51 example model present in Plant Simulation v14+ with an FPS of at least 30 when running at 1x Real Time? We have had customer meetings where 3D was an important aspect and they were quite put off with the lackluster performance of the model, and we had a difficult time explaining if it was our computer or the software itself.


Specifications (the computer isn't completely new but fully capable nonetheless):


CPU: Intel Core i7-4720HQ @ 2.6GHz


GPU Integrated: Intel HD Graphics 4600

GPU Discrete: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M


I have tried running Plant Simulation and forcing the discrete GPU for rendering but it doesn't seem to make a difference. We have a more powerful computer in the office with a better CPU and in this case the model ran a little better but still far from optimal performance-wise, so it seems the rendering is CPU-dependent?


Are there any settings or parameters we can tune in Plant Simulation to smoothen the rendering when doing a live demo?


If anyone has been able to render the entire Factory51 frame (not just subframes) with reasonable performance, please share your computer specifications Smiley Happy




Re: Example Model Performance: Factory 51

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Siemens Phenom

You can speed up the rendering performance of the Factory51 model by switching off shadows (and a little bit further by switching off the grid).

Addionally, if you already know that you are using your "good" graphics adapter, experimenting with the OpenGL version (in the 3D tab of the preferences dialog) might further accelerate the performance. To have a reasonably good performance, I would recommend an OpenGL level of 3.1 or above.

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Re: Example Model Performance: Factory 51

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Yes switching shadows off does improve the performance a little bit but this takes away from the visual appeal of the 3D view, kind of "watering down" the experience of presenting what should be a high fidelity model. When presenting Plant Simulation for prospective customers it's always an ambition to show the software at its absolute best, even if it means turning shadows ON Smiley Happy So I wish we didn't have to turn any features off, at least when doing live demo's of the software to show its full capabilities and potential, both 2D and 3D.


The OpenGL version is already at the highest supported version for my card, OpenGL v4.4 and Plant Simulation is updated to its latest version (v14.0.1).


I recall there being a shortcut key or setting to viewing the amount of vertices/nodes/polygons and FPS in the lower area of the 3D videwer - do you know what key that is?


Also, if we wish to upgrade our hardware for smoother 3D view rendering, it seems that the CPU is the bottleneck even for 3D representation, or do you have any other input?



Re: Example Model Performance: Factory 51


the shortcut key is "F".


when you press it, you will notice, that the 3d model has 858000 ploygons and roughly 10000 nodes.


The model 3d data is therefore not big.


In any case >= 30 FPS can be achieved with models with 30000 nodes and > 9 million polygons optimizied through


the built in graphics optimizer.


Furthermore if you really want 100% smoothness, try and record a video through the built in video recorder.