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Executing Orders


Dear Community Members ,


I have prepared a model .Now I want to execute a customer order . To be more precise , my plant manufactures 3 different types of products . Now , I have different customers , who order these 3 types of products . Now a customer comes and orders Product A .Can you kindly let me know how can I execute these orders so that my machine produces only the required product .


Regards ,

Nisarg Parikh


Betreff: Executing Orders

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Gears Phenom

Hello Nisarg,

have you checked out the Source in combination with a TableFile for the generation of MU-Sequences or according to a DeliveryTable? In the latter, you can define how many pieces of which product-type are ordered at what time. That should be what you are looking for.


Alex Dilg, Consultant at SimPlan AG (
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