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Exit Control causes waiting time of follow processes



i have a problem with an exit control of a buffer. The buffer (Puffer3) has two output connectors to two different processes. Process 1 (MontageEBauteile) should have the priority because it has to be maximum utilized. The second process (SchweißenBoden) only should be used if process 1 is failed or occupied. In front of theses Processes there is a disassembly station which undos the batch to process the single parts.

Now i have a problem with the utilization of the process 1. The waiting time of process 1 (MontageEBauteile) is way to big and the buffer (Puffer3) is increasing constantly although process 1 is not max utilized.

Do you know where the problem could be?

You can find the model attached.


Thank you in Advance


Re: Exit Control causes waiting time of follow processes

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom


the Puffer3 works according to FIFO such that the parts cannot overtake.

I replaced that object by a Parallelstation with a large capacity (100 is sufficient) and the processing time = 0.

I add the values StatArbeitsanteil / statWorkingPortion to the Display panel of both stations MontageEBauteile and SchweißenBoden. In my opinion, this is the right measures for the utilization. For test purpose I reduced the simulation duration to 10 days. I observe that the stations MontageEBauteile and SchweißenBoden are equally used (62,4 %).

The exit control makes the decision on the basis of following stations, not the successors.

Maybe you try the ExitStartegy "Start with successor 1" and remove the exit control of Puffer3.

I attached your model without changes and save it by a license which allows the usage for all users.

Maybe you will receive additional ideas.