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Exit Percentage based on MU type

Hi Sim Superusers,


I have scenario where I need certain percentage of a SKU type needs to go to certain successors.


In the model, I have a table source of MU A of quantity 100 and MU B of quantity 50. I need 50% to machine A and 50% to machine B. But simulation take a total of 50% of all parts. How do I set % for a specific MU type. the result should be (50%, 50%) of MU A = 50 parts to machine A and 50 parts to machine B..................then  (50%,50%) of MU B = 25 parts to machine A and 25 parts to machine B. 


Please share your thoughts. 


Thank you!


Karthik Murugan


Betreff: Exit Percentage based on MU type

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Hello Karthik Murugan,


you have to calculate the percentage of MUs already moved to any successor every time a MU leaves the Source.

See the model attached, there I have implemented it.

Hope this helps.


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Re: Exit Percentage based on MU type


Use  l:=z_uniform(1,0,1) and then

 say if l>50% and l< 50% and then

destination := xyz

again use one more distribution from here z_uniform to distribute in your way. 

Re: Exit Percentage based on MU type


if you filter A's and B's through additional ( in this case) buffers,


you can easily set where the homgenous MUs should go to ( s. buffer exit tab)