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Exitctrl for parallel proc. station not triggering

Hello guys,


I'm facing a problem of (what I think) is a non-triggering of exit control method in a parallel processing station with a 2x2 dimension.


An MU reaches the sensor, is moved (using move command) onto the parallel proc. station. Since the exit of  the station is not connected via a connector, the exit control does the next bit of processing and it seems to be working fine for quite a while and only much later into the simulation does this not work.


So I'm wondering that could there be a set of configuration for the station that arises much later? The exit strategy is set to cyclic (not blocking).


Re: Exitctrl for parallel proc. station not triggering

this happens, when the successor cannot receive the MU (blocked, paused, failed...). Then the method move returns false and the MU will not be moved. To avoid this you could wait for a condition before moving, e.g.

waituntil targetStation.operational and targetStation.empty prio 1;

Steffen Bangsow
freelance simulation specialist  

Accepted by topic author S_Iqbal
‎11-12-2016 06:14 PM

Re: Exitctrl for parallel proc. station not triggering

Thanks Steffen for replying. The thing is the station doesn't have any successors. So the product is moved away from the station using the method that executes as part of that exit control.


Anyhow strangely enough, I was able to solve the problem by simply increasing the dimensions of the station such that there are a few places empty always. The failure of exit control method seems to be somehow come up when the MU moved onto the station makes it reach its capacity.