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Experiment Manager does not write output

I am running a model in Plant Simulation 13.1. I have defined 28 experiments in Experiment Manager, and output are typically in the form of "root.Drain1.statNumIn". When I run a small model, one can see the output written to ExperimentManager.Results after each experiment. However, in my "large" model, it does not happen. I say the model is "large" because it takes two hours to run one experiment. Why do I not see output after each experiment? Or should I wait until all 28 experiments are completed?


Re: Experiment Manager does not write output

The error message refers to a report that could not be created. I bypassed the problem by switching report creation off in the Tools menu item of Experiment Manager (Tools, Advanced Settings, Report, Show Report). Although I do not know what causes the problem, I can at least get the long-awaited results.

Re: Experiment Manager does not write output

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Intermediate results of a study are contained in the table DetailedResults, which is opened with the corrsponding button on the second tab.