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Experiment Manager


Hello Community,


i'm using the student version of Plant Simulation and i'm wondering how the experiment manager works exactly because I have trouble staying below the allowed Number of 80 objects within the Simulation. So i activated the ExperimentManager in the Class Library and put it into my Network. Everything is fine and the software says that I'm using 62/80 Objects. Now i configure and run the Experiments - still everything is ok. However after finishing I'm not able to save the results because now i got 85 objects. Why is that? Where do the 23 additional Objects come from? I'm using Plant Sim 12.


I just want to figure out what kind of options I have to get this Number down.


Thanks for any help and information.




Re: Experiment Manager

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The experiment manager has an internal structure. Running experiments produces additional objects inside the EM. Resetting it (Reset button of the EM!) deletes these objects. It is not intended to save the results by saving the model after running the EM, but to save the report that is produced by it. Then reset it and save your model.

Since the student version is pretty tight on numbers of objects, I would suggest to load the EM only to run experiments and save the report. Then unload it again via Class Library Manager and only then save the model. This way you can use the 80 objects completely for modelling. 


Have fun with Plant Simulation


Re: Experiment Manager


Hello Ralph,


thanks for your response!


I understand that it is not intended to save the Model with the Results of the EM included but however if I exceed the object count of 80 I can look at the results, but I'm not able to save them. Especially the HTML-Report would be nice - but there is no " Save-Icon" anymore since I got above 80 objects.


I'll try now to minimize the handeled output variables because that seems to produce less additional objects within the EM.


Have a great week!