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ExperimentManager not simulating correctly?


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With ExperimentManager, I'm trying to run a multi-level experiment that monitors Min-Max inventory levels for 24 buffers in my MouldWIP frame. The experiment factors are the three dropdown menus seen underneath paint (paint start time, paint loading style, and initial MouldWIP inventory). These factors control how the simulation is initiallized basically. For example, when I run the simulation to 5 days normally with the conditions pictured, neither of the 24 part buffers bottom out. But in the experiment simulations, the buffers bottom out after the first day. Its like parts aren't being transferred from Moulding or Moulding stops processing parts after the first day. What could be causing this?


Re: ExperimentManager not simulating correctly?

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Hello Vmorr. 

your question is not about the Experimentmanager. In one of the experiments you observe a behavior that you cannot explain. You can set the input values of the experiment by the Experimentmanager: Open the dialog Advanced Setting by the Tools menu of the Experimentmanager and go to the tab Validation. Then you can set the values of this experiment.

I recommend to reduce the end time of the Eventcontroller. Maybe an hour before the station Moulding stops processing parts. Open the Event debugger in the Eventcontroller and process one event after another.




Re: ExperimentManager not simulating correctly?


Hey Peter thanks for the tips! The problem was not with ExperimentManager. In my simulation, when the mould presses go offline after hitting their production targets, the tray sources for the trays that the parts are set in are set to failed. Going into following experiments, they would remain in a failed state for some reason (thought my tool change methods would handle this. I added "source.Failed := false" to my INIT method for all of the tray sources in moulding and the issue appears fixed.