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Experimenter manager Dialog


Hello dear community,


I was wondering if it is possible to create a dialog that is connected to the experimenter manager.


Let me explain myself. I am creating a global dialog where the user can change attributes of the model (ex. procesings times, availabilities of machines etc). The output of the system is the processed number products at end.


But I would like to have an option for the user to be able to perform several number of observations based on the entered input values.


Does anyone have an idea?


Your help will be highly appreciated. Smiley Happy




Re: Experimenter manager Dialog


as the experiment manager is locked for internal access,


it becomes a bit difficult to intercommunicate with another dialog object.


By using the provided user method, you probably can add/manipulate


the experiment data ( through your dialog)

Re: Experimenter manager Dialog

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hello llmartinez,

You can configure the Experimentmanager by SimTalk. On the Start Page of Plant Simulation click on “Example Models”. In the opened dialog click on “Small Examples”. A new dialog is shown. Select the category “Tools”, topic “Experiment Manager” and example “Studies by SimTalk”. Open the comment object ReadMe.