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ExtendSim software

Siemens Creator Siemens Creator
Siemens Creator

Hello Experts,


                We are starting a competition in a prospect against ExtendSim, Do you have any information to help?




Re: ExtendSim software


Sorry to break your expectations because I know that you were asking the experts, but I want to say this.


If you are talking about competing in the market with other softwares, I have a small (maybe unimportant) suggestion. We can start by having a real website for the software. The webpage that opens when you look for Plant Simulation is quite uninteresting.


It is more like the simple webpages that you find on a company's intranet. I can assure you that the website wasn't something that motivated me to give this software a try. (The first thing I did after seeing this post was opening the ExtendSim site to see what it actually is Smiley Tongue )


Best regards,