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Failures.getTable with MTTR bounds

Hello everyone,


When using Failures.getTable and using lower and upper bounds on the Availability/MTTR failure, the value isn't transferred as is. Instead a calculated value is saved to the table specified to Failures.getTable. Am I doing this wrong or is it intended functionality?


I attached a simple model showing this, run the method called RunThis, and then compare the failure profiles of SingleProc and TargetProc. Also look at SaveTable  to see the MTTR value there.

Accepted by topic author verbalins
‎02-17-2017 06:39 AM

Re: Failures.getTable with MTTR bounds

I would say this is a bug in the software.

We will probably change this in the future.

Re: Failures.getTable with MTTR bounds

Thank you Michael!