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Fast Help Please


Hello to everybody,


our Simulation Programm doesn´t work, but tomorrow is the deadline at university.

Can you help us to find our mistake please?


Thanks and best Regards



Re: Fast Help Please


Unbenannt.pngits seems there are some  deadlocks

1. station "montage_C" is  not receiving "assembly"-mus ( due to flowcontrol "strebenverteiler" set to "blocked")


then - if you unblock the flowcontrol ( for testing)  there is a 2. deadlock due to the assembly list of station "Montage_A"

does not correspond to the supplied assembly -mus

e.g. d2_1150 (11) s. screenshot.

Re: Fast Help Please

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

I want to explain it more precisely. The assembly station Montage_A has the PartListType MU Types. The assembly list requires, that 16 add-on parts are necessary for a single assembly operation. These parts must be delivered from the buffer Puffer5. It is very difficult to deliver the add-on parts in the right sequence. Simulator correctly mentioned that the second deadlock is caused by this situation. Therefore I recommend to replace Puffer5 and Puffer6 by sufficiently large ParallelProc´s. Note that this does not prevent you from a deadlock or (easier said) from missing add-on parts.