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Feature request: Adding a transposing option to the "insertList" and/or "copyRangeTo" command?




Due to a certian data structure given, I got the situation needing to copy a column into a row respectvely vice versa.


There are two commands in PlantSimulation 10.1 available: "insertList" and "copyRangeTo". None of these two commands provide me with the possibility to transpose the list/subset of a table being transferred. Is ist possible to add this functionality in a next patch revision of the supported PlantSimulatin releases, please?


In PlantSimulation 12 there is the "copyToTableColumn" command, which provides at least a single direction transposing from a row as origin to a column and is restricted to arrays. There is no "copyToTableRow" available.





Re: Feature request: Adding a transposing option to the "insertList" and/or "copyRang

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

In Plant Simulation 12 arrays also have the method 'copyFromTableColumn'. So you can use a one-dimensional array to transpose a table column to a row and vice versa (using the method pair copyFromTableColumn / copyToTable, or the pair copyFromTable / copyToTableColumn respectively).


To achieve this in an older Plant SImulation version, you need to program a loop, which is not very difficult.

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