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Fluid Objects and Energy

Hi all,


i have working simulation with fluids.

now i want to messure the energy consumption of the tanks, mixers and pipes based on the flowe-rate. For sure i have to write a method for this, because generally in v12.1 there is no support for this modules. 


my problem is the entry/starting point of the method i wrote. How can i trigger the method to run for each module?


Thx in advance for your help!

Accepted by topic author tobsen101
‎01-02-2017 03:53 AM

Re: Fluid Objects and Energy


you want to catch certain events like "Tank is full" or "Mixer is empty".

Please open the collection of Small examples via the Start Page of Plant Simulation.

Select the Category "Continuous material flow" and the topic "Free-flowing materials" (Note that the designations are changed in other versions of Plant Simulation.)

Open the Example "Chocolate Production".

The object MixerFinal is equipped with 2 observers. Menu Tools > Edit observers.

You see how the mentioned events can be treated.



Re: Fluid Objects and Energy

Thanks a lot Peter!
this was the solution what i'm looking for.