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Genetic algorithms


Hello everyone!


I need to optimize the start sequence in my model for my graduation work, so I'm supposed to use Genetic Algorithms, but with my student license it is impossible to use. How can I deal with that? It is possible to use another type of license or using other methods?


More details: I need to decrease the time for production by changing the product start sequence. My model in attachment, maybe someone, who is athourized to use Genetic Algorithms can help me?


Thanks in advance!


Re: Genetic algorithms

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hello Valery,

if your University or college has Plant Simulation you can use the Educational license in your computer pool. You cannot use the basic object of the Genetic Algorithms (you already loaded these objects) with an Educational license, but the Wizard for Genetic Algorithms is possible. Click Manage Class Library, on the tab Libraries select the mentioned GAWizard.

Drag & Drop the Drain object onto the GAWizard and select for instance the statistical value statThroughputPerHous. Then the goodness of a sequence is evaluated by the Throughput. Please look at the first tab Define by Fitness calculation.

Select the optimization direction Maximum.

To define the sequence of the Tablefile Arrival as an optimization parameter, press the shift key and Drag & Drop this tablefile onto the GAWizard. On the tab Run Reset and Start the optimization. You will receive an improvement from 750 to 759. The reason for the small improvement is the small number of elements in the Tablefile Arrival.

Note that the capacities of the puffers can also be an optimization parameter. The model seems to be very good for your purpose.





Re: Genetic algorithms

Thanks a lot!