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HBW set up


Hallo everyone,


i want to build a HBW with a one rack and one converter like following picture:

HBW.jpg. I need only on converter because i want to save place for picking up and feeding.  I found a HBW in Plant Simulation :


I want to ask how can i define the number of rack for HBW?

And in furture, i need build a converter in left side of HBW. So the filled cassette can be feeded by the right side  and picked up from left side. The material of filled cassette will be used in the left area. And the empty cassette shall be feeded in left side and picked up from right side. Is this possiable with this HBW tool? 


Thank you!



Betreff: HBW set up

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hello Lisa92,


we would recommend to use the HBW library version 13.2.9 or 14.1.1

These libraries are not encryptetd and you can modify the racklanes to your need. Keep in mind, you also have to modify the controlling methods too.

Hope this helps.


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