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Have issue while transferring the data between the applications using SOCKET


Hello Everybody..!


I'm facing an issue to transfer the data between the two systems (one is the system-where Plant simulation software installed and other is client machine).

There are so many interface tool in Plant simulation but i preferred SOCKET because client using PLC and some other software to communicate between the system.


For Eg: If i want to transfer the data, i have to consider as a Server Socket. So i checked "ON" checkbox for availability and 'Server Socket' checkbox. For the 'HOST' as given my system IP address and for 'Client HOST' as given client system IP address and for 'PORT" and 'Client PORT' as '25000'. 


1. The current situation is: I can receive a message from the client and it is displaying in plant simulation but they are not able to receive my message.Can i know why it is happening and what changes i have to make to get resolve it.


2. Can you please let me know whether i'm using correct method or any changes i want to make in this ?


ThanksSmiley Happy


Re: Have issue while transferring the data between the applications using SOCKET

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Hello Manu1421987,


for a server socket you should use '' for the Host field, to accept connections from all machines on your network. If you specify your local IP address you only allow connections from your own PC.


The Client Host should be empty for a server socket. It specifies for a client socket to which machine a connection should be made.


Please check that the other side is using the same protocol (TCP or UDP).


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