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Help with 3D Self animations

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Hello everybody,


attached you can find my model of a storage and retrieval vehicle in combination with a high bay warehouse.

The model is not completed yet, by now i only modellized the storing process.


Somehow my SelfAnimations, which I set for the vehicle "RBG_Y", do not work properly. You can see how the yellow forks do not move smoothly, instead they jump in the end of their SelfAnimation.


Can anybody help me with this. I think the values I used are correct, since the overall model is operating how it should. But yet the 3D animations is not.


Thanks for your help.


Re: Help with 3D Self animations

I guess you want <out1> to move to the right. When I visualize the path, it goes to the left. The forward direction is always (1, 0, 0) meaning that an object by defualt always "looks" in positive X direction (to the right as seen from a top view). Every animation is defined in the object's own coordinate system.

So, I think you will have to change the second point of <out1> from (0, -1, 0) to (0, 1, 0). The other paths probably will have to be adapted similarly.

Re: Help with 3D Self animations

Hello Peter,


Thank you for your response. However, this isn't the problem I meant in my post. I added a record to visualize my problem. Every time the SelfAnimation of the forks is triggered, this unsmooth jump occurs.

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‎11-04-2016 03:30 PM

Re: Help with 3D Self animations

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It seems your Y- selfanimations take a bit longer than 1 sec.


I have set the wait time to 1.1s ( 1.01s also works)


Have a look.


Furthermore I would suggest in this case to wrap all axis graphics  into  1 RBG object


and not to create the RBG by cascading 2 vehicle objects (y,z) on the x base object


at the beginning of the simulation.



Re: Help with 3D Self animations

Thank you for answering. You helped me a lot!


According to your suggestion, how would the 3D object look like then?


In this case, would I have to wrap all RBG objects together and then create single "AnimationObjects" within this single object?

Re: Help with 3D Self animations

here's an example.



Re: Help with 3D Self animations

Thanks for your response. Very helpful as well!