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Hide 3D objects of the graphic structure


Good morning, I have an object imported in Plant Simulation which comes from an assembly so the object is composed by diferent small graphics. How can I hide with simtalk some of this graphics or in other words how can I access to that graphics which compose the big graphic?


acceder invisibilizar.png




Re: Hide 3D objects of the graphic structure

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

You have to prepare your graphics for that.

The visibility can only be switched per graphic group.

There are two approaches to achieve such a structure. Both start with you creating all the graphic groups you want to have with independent visibilities.

Then ...

  1. ... you could either import your graphic in every graphic group and delete the unnecessary parts ...
  2. ... or you could import the graphic once, ungroup it as long as the parts to be separated are nested in another graphic nodes (in the example from your screenshot, this would mean: once), and then cut and paste the graphics from the "import" graphic group to the one you want to show/hide.

After that, you can proceed like in Simtalk to access to a graphic in the graphic structure.

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