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How can I tell my AGVs where to go?


Hi guys,


This might be a bit of a messy explanation, but I'll try my best and hopefully you're able to follow Smiley Happy


I'm modelling an AGV logistics solution for a hospital, where the AGVs are in charge of handling carts of goods. Their objectives are:


1. Picking up carts at the warehouse and delivering them to the appropriate department of the hospital

2. Once the contents of the carts have been emptied at the department, the AGV must come back and pick it up


In an attempt to avoid too complex object names, I am using some sub-frames for each elevator group of the hospital. I've added the .spp to this post so you can see what I am talking about.


Here comes the question:

How can I tell the AGVs to go pick up the empty carts once they enter the buffer named empty_carts?

Right now, the AGVs are cycling constantly through the system, and I am using a FlowControl with percentage sorting to direct the AGVs to where most of the carts are going, but this solution isn't accurate enough.


For example, if the simulation is run, there is an empty cart stuck in empty_carts0 in the MW sub-frame. Can I make a code to tell the AGVs to go pick it up in some way?


I hope I made myself clear, please tell me if I can elaborate on something.


Have a good day.


Ps. I'm running TPS ver. 10.1.