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How can i convert dxf to s3d


Hello Community,


I was trying to change my 3d Mu to 3d Green tire model. So i searched in the internet for

a 3d model for my tire. I found it with many extantions exept s3d. Do you know how to convert one of the attached extentions to s3d.


I also need to know how to change the 3d icon of the Mu in the ClassLibrary, because i couldn´t know how to do it.


Thanks in advanced!




Re: How can i convert dxf to s3d

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

s3d Files are a Plant Simulation format which to my knowledge noone else writes. Its primary usage is to create 3D object parts that not only cover graphics but animations as well.

So, basically, every conversion from a file format to s3d will involve the same last step of exporting a ready-to-use object as s3d in order to use it in another Plant Simulation model again.

Now, about the file formats you listed:

Of those formats, DXF and VRML are the only ones that can be directly imported into Plant Simulation.

DXF (and DWG) files can be imported as layout graphics which means that they always come as plate showing a layout from the DXF file.

VRML files are imported as tridimensional graphics like most other 3D graphic formats (i.e. all supported ones except DXF and DWG).

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