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How to avoid mixxing parts?


Hi everybody


I have a buffer where four different parts enter, when a certain number of mu's enter to this buffer a sensor control move the pieces to two different buffers depending on which one is available, but I have a little problem, if the number of parts is not enough in the buffer, the parts from the next lot are mixed to complete it.

How can I avoid mixing pieces and make that remaining parts from the last batch in the buffer are moved?




Re: How to avoid mixxing parts?

The Mus usually exit the buffer in sequence (no overtaking)

Therefore the last Mu from lot 1 should leave the buffer before the first mu from lot 2.

In anycase to distinguish between the lots , create a user atttribute (e.g. lot ( 1...maxlot) ) for the Mus

Through a loop you can access and select the Mus in the buffer (e.g.

according to the desired lot number

Re: How to avoid mixxing parts?


Hi Simulator


Thanks for your reply

 I would like you to have a look at the model and help me with this...


In the real system, the number of pieces to make up the batch is thirty-six, If I create one-hundred parts I can move two full batches and twenty-eight parts remain in the buffer so when the parts from the next lot come these begin to mixe to complete it.

The loop in the exit of the buffer it works well as long as the number of Mu's in Production Plan are multiples of thirty-six, but, when the number of Mu's is different, the loop doesn't work.


I hope you can help me